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Winery and vineyards


Night harvest of all varieties except Grenache old vines, Carignan old vines and Muscat of Alexandria old vines.

The reason for preferring to pick the grapes at night is due to the low temperatures. This way, the grapes arrive at the winery, with approximately 9ºC. When harvesting during the day, we do in the early morning (6am-11) or late afternoon (5-8pm). We thus achieve energy savings and slow down the enzymatic processes.

Use of a peristaltic pump: The use of this peristaltic pump ensures a very gentle treatment of the grape, without crushing or breaking it.

Truncated conical fermentation tank: The truncated conical shape of the tanks facilitates the management of the cap (solid parts in suspension, which remain in the upper part, floating on the must). Delastage is easier achieved and vinification process makes better sense.

Hydraulic vertical basket presses: This type of presses, which are like those used in the past, do not break the skin or crush it, thus obtaining a press wine of the highest quality. On the contrary, it must be taken into account that a much lower yield is obtained than with other types of press and the work carried out is greater.These presses are equipped with a computer that allows to control times and pressures.

Experimental vats: They are used for the study of the different experiments carried out in the field, we do micro vinification here, of different clones, varieties or cultivation techniques.

  • Temperature controlled cellar 16-18 ºC (60º – 64º F)
  • Bottle ageing cellar: 588 bottles / cage
  • Bottling Room
Bottling Room
  • Traceability in all processes
  • Automatic bottling and labelling plant
  • Bottler registration: 50/42672
  • Cork and Screw cap station
  • Auxiliary material storage area

Our vineyards

The land of Garnacha and Carignan

100% of Bodegas Care’s wines come from our own vineyards. The vineyards basically distribute in two main Estates, Finca Bancales and Finca Cadillos (50 Has each), and a bunch of small plots with a variation of soils, which means that we can grow our vineyards in the right place for each variety.

A viticultural arrow that brings together within a radius of between 5 and 10 km from where the winery is located, the best grapes that give the strength, personality and character to our wines, Care.


Soils of our farms

B o d e g a s C A R E ® A r a g o n e s e W i n e s ®

Finca Bancales

  • Age of the vineyard: from 1915 to 2006
  • Altitude: 600 meters (2.000 feet)
  • Orientation: north-south + 15% to west
  • Red Grenache
  • Syrah
  • Tempranillo
  • Chardonnay
  • White Grenache
  • Muscat of Alexandria
  • Balanced texture with clay, quartzites and some chalk on the western side
  • Low fertility. Good organic level and high carbonate content

Finca Cadillos

  • Age of the vineyard: from 1980 to 2006
  • Altitude: 450 meters (1.650 feet)
  • Orientation: north-south + 15% to west
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot

Open texture, balanced and of low fertility, with areas of high carbonate content, a very important characteristic for the typification of great wines. Good organic levels