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Bodegas CARE

The wine culture

Located in the heart of the Cariñena Denomination of Origin, one of the historical and emerging areas of national viticulture, Bodegas Care was born as an exclusive, advanced and committed wine business.

The winery and the creation of our wines were conceived as a complete and innovative process in which each and every one of the elements is meticulously contrasted. From the selection of the vineyard, where sourcing the best quality grapes is our main goal, to the infrastructure of the different production, control and aging areas.

Our wine business responds to a fusion criterion between the tradition of one of the most deeply-rooted wine regions in Spain and the respect to the vine and a wine towards new lifestyles around the world.

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Cariñena Denomination of Origin. Since 1932

B o d e g a s C A R E ® W i n e s o f A r a g ó n ®





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Complete certification scheme for Food Safety Management Systems that is aligned with the ISO Management System approach and the ISO Harmonized Structure.

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Stamp that indicates the winery’s sustainability in the wine production process throughout the entire winemaking chain. Reduction of environmental impacts in the wine sector.


Organic production based on Community Regulation 2092/1991, Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 on production and labeling of organic products.

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Passion, tradition and modernity

Care, the brand of Bodegas Añadas, is the ancient name that the Romans used to refer to the city of Cariñena, and which later evolved into Caraellana, “La Querida Llanura”. An etymology that refers to the origin, the attachment to the land and the love for the autochthonous.

At the same time, in the Anglo-Saxon world the term appeals to the care, respect and care that we print in the elaboration of all our wines. Oriented from tradition to a new consumer, our brand image is determined by faces, original works of the artist Enrique Torrijos.

A syncretistic artistic image of primitive inspiration, and a universally identifiable term, CARE, caring, fuse concepts in unique and innovative wines.

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From the III century BC

The origin of our wines

Over 2000 years ago, in the ancient Roman settlement called CARE, where we are located, the first grape juices were made, that evolved from civilization after civilization to our time.

A unique terroir in the Mediterranean

With a continental Mediterranean climate, average altitude of 650 meters, low rainfall less than 300 liters a year, cold winters and hot summers, great difference between day and night temperature, great influence of the northwest wind called Cierzo, abundance of quartzite and clay soils, more than 6000 Ha of old vineyards planted in the traditional style for over 40 years, and the enormous cultural roots and passion towards the vine and wine.

Our contemporary vision

With only 20 years old, our winery focused on the production of authentic and modern wines towards a contemporary lifestyle. The artist Enrique Torrijos, interpreted our wines through human face and the contemporary art, very influenced by Picasso, Dalí or Miró.